Perfect silo function with CENTRAC silo discharger

The solely business activity of EXTRACTION SYSTEMS is to ensure the material flow in an industrial silo plant. This task has often been underestimated by many experts already. Especially for bulk materials with poor flow properties, the experience about the complex and holistic system of a silo installation is required. How often this experience was not sufficiently available is shown by the thousands of silo installations that are marked by countless hammer blows worldwide. For over 20 years the EXTRACTION SYSTEMS specialists have been making money solely by ensuring the material flow of the industrial silo installations entrusted to them. Thus, the full concentration on this task is guaranteed until today. The technical components used for this are expensive – but guaranteeing to be profitable.

No more blocked silos and further advantages

No segregation with CENTRAC-P

1. No clogging
The physical and chemical processes that take place in a silo often cause the silos to become increasingly clogged. Our CENTRAC silo discharge machine prevents clogging already in its creation.

2. First-in – first-out – process
With the industrial production the storage period affects the physical and chemical properties of the product. Our CENTRAC silo discharge device guarantees the first-in-first-out process and thus the same storage period of all bulk material particles.

3. No segregation
Trough the use of our CENTRAC silo extraction system all properties of the raw material are uniformly available at all times.

4. Optimum space utilization
Our CENTRAC silo discharger ensures optimum utilization of your production area and space which reduces your production costs.

5. Variable and continuous discharge
Our CENTRAC silo discharge device the base material with a volume accuracy of> ± 5% and thus counteracts expensive additional measures or rejects.

6. Availability >99%
The feedback from our customers proves that only a few hours of care, maintenance and servicing have to be spent on our CENTRAC silo activator. Thus, it achieves an exceptionally high availability of well over 99%.

Not just a discharge device

At EXTRACTION SYSTEMS, sales, order processing, assembly and after-sale are always in the hand of one single project manager. The project manager therefore is solely responsible to transact what he has promised to our customer. With EXTRACTION SYSTEMS there are no shifts of responsibility! This kind to manage our projects has given us exactly the holistic know-how that our customers want and enjoy. Our customers do not just get a discharge device – they get perfectly working silo technology.

Ingo Rodenkirchen

Ingo Rodenkirchen
Managing partner
founded EXTRACTION SYSTEMS Sprl. in Belgium in 20014 and EXTRACTION SYSTEMS GmbH in Germany in 2009

Fields of application

Building material industry

Waste recycling

Food industry

Chemical industry

What we do

Verschiedene Schüttgüter

The high investment in new plants can be ruined by inadequate silo discharge. Our CENTRAC offers highest reliability and amortization.

We safe your silo

If existing equipments do not provide the required performance, we will transform them so that they meet the needs of the production process in an optimal manner.

we safe your hopper

Old or decommissioned plants can be reactivated through the use of CENTRAC. That spares to build expensive new buildings.

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