CENTRAC Function method

CENTRAC is the ideal machine for emptying a silo filled with bulk material with problematic flow properties.

CENTRAC basically consits of
the CENTRAC floor, which is also the silo floor,
– the CENTRAC cone,
– the CENTRAC discharge arm and
– the CENTRAC drive.

In the center the floor of the CENTRAC has an outlet opening. The CENTRAC cone is located above the outlet opening at a distance to the floor and prevents the bulk material from uncontrolled flow out. The CENTRAC discharge arm is rotated by the CENTRAC drive over the CENTRAC floor. Due to its special shape, it conveys the bulk material to the central outlet opening, through which it flows downwards. The speed control of the CENTRAC drive by means of a frequency converter enables the discharge of an exact, constant and controllable quantity of bulk material. The main advantage of CENTRAC is that the bulk material is kept in motion over the entire diameter of the silo.

This ensures mass flow, avoids bridging and enables emptying of the silo according to the “first in – first out” principle.

No more clogged silos

How to solve funnel flow
CENTRAC mit Silo und SG

CENTRAC is your guarantor for trouble-free silo operation: All CENTRAC versions are designed for silo dimensions, which are determined by the bulk material properties and our experience.

  1. We manufacture every bin bottom according to the particular characteristics of the bulk material.

  2. The inner cone prevents the uncontrolled outflow of the bulk material through the bottom outlet opening.

  3. The diameter of the inner cone considers the critical distance of bridge formation.

  4. The continuous rotation of the discharge arm en-sures a constant movement and a uniform lowering of the bulk material column in the bin.

  5. The constant movement and the uniform lowering of the bulk material column prevent caking, bridge formation and segregation. This ensures mass flow and the First-in-first-out-Prozess.

  6. All CENTRAC are controlled by frequency controller. This ensures
    1. the exact discharge volume for the conveying and production process,
    2. the full torque over the entire speed range and
    3. the automatic shutdown of the CENTRAC in an overload situation.

Availability over 99 % is guaranteed because

  1. mass flow is guaranteed,
  2. a self-cleaning effect of the bin walls takes place,
  3. wear is minimized and
  4. the frequency controller protects against overload.

The different CENTRAC versions

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