About us

EXTRACTION SYSTEMS was founded in 2004.

The business of EXTRACTION SYSTEMS is focuses exclusively on manufacturing the silo discharge machine with the product name CENTRAC and on the related services. This guarantees concentrated expertise and perfect order processing with the highest degree of commitment.

Our lived philosophy is allowing us to work still with the same partners and suppliers today as we did at the beginning of EXTRACTION SYSTEMS. EXTRACTION SYSTEMS is a team of “Local Players” which provide faithful and reliable work for the satisfaction of our customers.

And the nice thing is: We see no need to change it.


With this type of machine, for whose production and distribution the EXTRACTION SYSTEMS was founded, many made some disappointed experiences with defects, functional and performance problems as well as low availability.

However, Ingo Rodenkirchen was convinced that more than anyone else he knew all physical processes in and at this really ingenious silo discharge machine and what it takes to build it perfectly.

On this basis, EXTRACTION SYSTEMS manufactures the design and manufacturing optimized silo discharge machine with the product name CENTRAC. At all CENTRAC the complaint rate = 0% and the customer satisfaction = 100%.

Although since its invention in the 1950s, the principle of operation of the silo discharge machine is the most ingenious to operate silos trouble-free, their effectiveness and efficiency in the bulk material industry is unfortunately still undervalued. Unfortunately, many users also make still negative experiences because some manufacturers are taking engineering too easy.

Company philosophy – Our promise

Instead of modern words: We prefer to be concret and truly social!

We like to pay taxes and we deal with our employees, subcontractors and partners like we wish to be dealed by our customers and partners. We believe that this is true sustainability and that these are the essential cornerstones of our success.

We provide information immediately or within 24 hours. The feedback from our customers proves that our information is competent and reliable because we know our profession well. For all questions about our services, our customers receive fast and correct answers.

Before we submit our offers to our customers we have already executed the final engineering. When we receive the order we just need to initiate the orders to our suppliers. Also the technical documentation is already finished on the day of the order confirmation. Therewith our delivery reliability is guaranteed.

Usually we prefinance our services to 100%. We usually do not require a down payment. Upon delivery we charge 90% of the order value. After expiry of the warranty period we charge the remaining 10%. We have never needed a credit to finance our projects. So there is financial security for our customers at all times.

Since we build only silo discharge machines our existence depends directly on the quality of our products. The result of our quality management is not only compliance with all standards and regulations it is also in particular the 0% complaint rate. In addition all our suppliers are small or medium-sized family-owend companies that knows their industrial art for generations. That’s why our customers can expect optimum quality in the future as well.

In addition to the usual legal and contractual warranties the métier experience of more than 20 years enables us to arrange further guarantees. So we take the very last risk too.

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