With EXTRACTION SYSTEMS we initially just thought to build CENTRAC silo discharge machines. Today we are leading our customers to get a perfect working silo. And this requires much more than a silo discharge machine.

Even in the 21. century  silos for bulk material storage only work on the basis of many years of holistic experience.

Who let himselve seduced by animations and simulations is really playing a game.

That’s why our customers’ engineers are happy to be advised by our many years of concentrated experiences in new construction, conversion and maintenance projects.

  • Silo dimensions
  • Discharge volume
  • Outlet diameter
  • Surfaces
  • Back-flow monitoring
  • etc.

Countless silos are being maltreated with hammer blows because they do not work. We explain the reasons for the malfunction to the silo operators and offer a solution with a functional guarantee.

  • Wrong silo geometry
  • Wrong wall material
  • Wrong discharge devices
  • Wrong control system
  • Wrong transfer chutes
  • etc.

EXTRACTION SYSTEMS designs and builds CENTRAC in many different customer-specific variants. With the experience and the routine of more than 200 installed silo discharge machines perfect order planning and execution is ensured with the highest degree of commitment.

  • For new and existing silos
  • All dimensions
  • Special solutions e.g. high temperatures or food-grade
  • Handover technology
  • etc.

In the case of bulk material changes or changes in performance, cost-effective modifications do help to continue the operation of the existing silo system.
That is why we sometimes being asked to inspect the silo discharge machines of our (former) competitors because they do not work trouble-free, they wear out prematurely or their components break. Here we offer conversion solutions with functional guarantee.

  • Change of bulk material
  • Performance modification
  • Installations of former competitors
  • Trouble-shooting
  • CENTRAC-Technology
  • etc.

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