At EXTRACTION SYSTEMS, the project manager is responsible for the monitoring of the production quality and the time schedule. There is no mistakable responsibility.

The production of the CENTRAC components is decentralized in German companies which are knowing their industrial art very well and with whom we have an uninterrupted partnership for more than 15 years. The purchased components are bought from internationally wellknown manufacturers. Our CENTRACs are MADE IN GERMANY.

  • Steelwork specialists
  • Sheet metal forming specialists
  • Specialists for mechanical components
  • Qualified companies for corrosion protection
  • Specialists for grinding and polishing
  • Assembly specialists

We have an experienced assembly team that is well equipped and has convinced all our customers in price and performance. Especially with repair, conversion und retrofitting of systems of former competitors – even under the most difficult conditions.

Our CENTRAC is a plug & play machine. That is why almost 90% of our customers carry out the commissioning by themselve with the help of our illustrated technical documentation. If customers want EXTRACTION SYSTEMS service for commissioning the project manager personally will supervise it.

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