Our team & our partners

Our team

Ingo Rodenkirchen

Ingo Rodenkirchen
Managing partner

founded in 2004 EXTRACTION SYSTEMS Sprl. in Belgium with Claude Corthals and EXTRACTION SYSTEMS GmbH in Germany in 2009. Ingo Rodenkirchen began his professional career as machinist and later as design engineer. His activities in several industries shaped his holistic way of thinking and working. After joining WTW-Engineering in 1997, Ingo Rodenkirchen acquired comprehensive expertise in the field of silo discharge technology. In the founding of EXTRACTION SYSTEMS GmbH, Ingo Rodenkirchen optimized the design and manufacturing process of the silo discharge machine. Due to the 0% – complaints rate with his CENTRAC Ingo Rodenkirchen is also commissioned as a consultant for new installations as well as a consultant and problem solver for faulty third-party systems.

Claude Corthals

founded with Ingo Rodenkirchen in 2004 EXTRACTION SYSTEMS Sprl. in Belgium and in 2009 EXTRACTION SYSTEMS GmbH in Germany. As a trained business economist Claude Corthals began in 1970 in sales for the former globally known company Maschinenbau LOUISE in Cologne. In 1973 the Belgian LOUISE SA was founded as a subsidiary company for which Claude Corthals became as managing director. His sincere nature, coupled with his increasing technical know-how, made Claude Corthals a sought-after business partner in the industry. After the insolvency of the Cologne parent company in 1991 and the foreseeable insolvency of WTW-Engineering, Claude Corthals ensured the further availability of silo discharge machines in its product range by establishing EXTRACTION SYSTEMS.

Beside Ingo Rodenkirchen and Claude Corthals as project managers

  • Marco as BBA
  • Beate as secretary
  • Alfred as technical supervisor and
  • Rosaria as assistance

are working at EXTRACTION SYSTEMS.

Our partners

Our partners are …

  • a localy company for steel structures since 2004

  • a localy company for sheet metal forming since 2004

  • a localy company for industrial corrosion protection since 2004

  • two localy companies for machining since 2004

  • a polish company for machining since 2004

  • a localy company for surface finishing since 2004

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